Q: When does the festival begin and end?
A: Farmageddon 2015 begins on June 11th 2015, with 3 killer warm-up shows happening simultaneously in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. The festival grounds will be opened at 3:00 pm on June 12, 2015. All guests must have vacated the festival grounds by 1:00 pm on Sunday, June 15th 2015.

Q: Are my kids allowed to come to Farmageddon?
A: YOU BET! Farmageddon Open-Air is all ages! However, we insist that minors 12 and under to be in the constant supervision of their parent or guardian.

Q: What does Farmageddon offer for amenities?
A: Farmageddon offers an abundance of toilet facilities that are maintained throughout the weekend, as well as a very large amount of potable water, available free of charge. We are also working on the potential for showers…(stay tuned.)

Q: Can I bring my own booze?
A: YES! You can bring your own booze to Farmageddon, but please do not bring any glass bottles. However, no outside alcohol will be permitted inside the licensed area.

Q: Is there cell phone service or WIFI at Farmageddon?
A: Farmageddon is in an area of good quality cell phone reception, through all major cell providers. However, at this time, we do NOT offer WiFi.

Q: Is there anywhere at Farmageddon I can plug in my cell phone charger/hair dryer/lava lamp, etc…?
A: We have a special cell phone charging area at Farmageddon, where you are free to safely leave your cell phone to charge…while we skim through it, and look at all the risque pictures of your girlfriend…
But outside of devices drawing no more than 1 A, we do not offer any electricity sources.

Q: Can I bring my pets to Farmageddon?
A: Sorry, but we cannot allow pets to be present on the festival grounds this year. (Unless you have a chameleon. You can bring your chameleon. Chameleons are pretty awesome.)

Q: Are RV’s allowed at Farmageddon?
A: Although we strongly encourage you to tent during FOA, which is included in your ticket price, we do offer RV parking, but in a very limited quantity. With the anticipated limit of space we will have for RV parking, RV’s are susceptible to the fee of $80/night per RV. This fee MUST be paid via preregistration, which can be made online HERE.

Q: Does Farmageddon charge bands money to sell their merch?
A: Absolutely not. We have not, and will not ever take a percentage bands’ merchandise sales. We do however, handle all merch sales at our merch booth, free of charge. We want all our bands to enjoy the festival as much as they can, instead of being stuck behind a table.

Q: Does Farmageddon consider bands interested in a buy-on?
A: Try us…we may consider it.

Q: When is the deadline for band applications?
A: Feb 15 2015.

Q: I don’t drive! How do I get to Farmageddon Open-Air?
A: Stay tuned for the addition of a FORUM onto Farmageddon.ca to help connect people seeking rides etc. We also will be announcing special perks for carpooling guests, and we are working on arranging shuttle busing to/from Edmonton.

Q: Can I have a campfire?
A: Sorry, no open-fires outside of the designated campfires provided by the festival.

Q: Can I bring fireworks?
A: NO! Any use of any pyrotechnics of any kind will result in being discharged from the festival, without a refund.

Q: Are BBQ’s allowed?
A: Yes, providing they are above ground, self contained, and fueled by propane.

Q: What professional services are provided on site?
A: Farmageddon provides professional first aid services, as well as professional security service. All staff are highly visible with their respected uniforms.

Q: Does Farmageddon take credit cards or Interac/debit?
A: YES! Farmageddon will be able to accept Interac/debit, and all major credit cards on site.

Q: Is the camping area a bunch of actual campsites, or is it a big open area?
A: The camping area is a large area, with first come/first serve locations. RV camping is located in a separate area, for safety.

Q: Is the ground of the camping area grass or dirt?
A: Grass.

Q: What size is each campsite (roughly), and for people coming in groups (bands, etc) is there a way to be next to each other/in a larger site?
A: Bands and attendees camp together. If 2 parties show up at the same time, they will generally be able to camp together.

Q: Are there picnic tables in each campsite?
A: No.

Q: Are we able to park our vehicles (cars/trucks/U-haul equipment trailer) by our campsite so that we are able to lock things in them and be able to access them?
A: No. All vehicles will be parked in a separate, designated area. If you have any type of set-up that involves your vehicle being part of your camp-site, you will be charged for RV camping, and will be situated in the RV section. All band cargo trailers have their own designated parking spot by the stage.

Q: The FAQ says propane BBQs are allowed; are propane stoves and lanterns also allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: The FAQ also says alcohol is allowed as long as it is not in a glass container, and not in the “licensed area”; is that the festival’s beer garden area? Are we allowed to have our own beer at our campsite?
A: Yes. You may consume any alcohol you bring at your own camp site. The licensed area contains the entire stage area. No outside alcohol is permitted in this area. We also stress again, that we ask attendees to NOT bring any glass containers.
We WILL be serving a huge variety of alcoholic beverages at prices cheaper than any bar.

Q: People who smoke; are we allowed to smoke in our campsites? Provided, of course, that we are very careful and responsible with the disposal of butts.
A: Yes. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly. This is a on-going problem, and is a real challenge to clean up. Please respect the festival grounds.

Q: How difficult would it be to get a vehicle out to get something if needed?
A: Because of how our parking area will be coordinated, you will be able to easily leave in your vehicle, any time the gates are open.

Q: Will there be ice available
A: There will be no ice available at the festival grounds.

Q: Garbage & recycling; will there be disposal options available or will we need to be responsible for taking our own off the festival grounds/campsites?
A: There will be multiple garbage and recycling containers in many areas of the festival grounds.